About us

KOBE was founded in 2004 as an engineering and architecture studio, offering their clients a full service in building construction: design, project, building permit, project management and installation legalization, both for residential and tertiary sector and for industrial establishments, with over 300 projects having been carried out to date.

For the development of its activities, KOBE has a high qualified human capital, all of them being industrial engineers and architects, with an extensive experience, developing a business model that provides the necessary resources for each project and in its particular specialty, always looking for the client´s service and satisfaction as main objective.

In order to take up the challenge to acquire the extensive installations and construction Applicable Regulations, challenging in particular because of its segmentation: national, autonomous communities, municipal, KOBE team takes an active part in forums and seminars, belongs to different associations, and ensures updating and implementation of regulations, as well as its interpretation and application.


Covering all stages involved in construction processes.


A multidisciplinary team of independent professionals allows us to provide cost effective solutions while maintaining a higly specialised services.


Aware of rapid evolution of AEC industry and regulations, our team embraces life-long training philosophy.